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Muni-Wi Fi

MUSINGWAY offers a wide range of independent services for deploying municipal Wi-Fi networks.

Pre-installation RF analysis. Identifies the presence of existing RF interference and offers resolutions, which provides a basis for an effective municipal wireless system design.

Mounting asset identification. Identifies effective mounting assets for supporting wireless mesh nodes and backhaul components.

Technical RFP development. Defines critical technical system requirements for signal coverage, security, capacity, and roaming, which ensures that the resulting system will fully support users.

System design. Defines all necessary system components and configurations in order to meet system requirements.

Pilot testing. Determines whether an installed pilot system meets requirements, which significantly reduces the risks when deploying the entire system.

Implementation testing. Ensures that the wireless network is being installed correctly and uncovers problems early-on so that resolutions can be put in place before continuing with installation.

Acceptance testing. Ensures that the overall system fully meets technical requirements, such as coverage, capacity, manageability, and security, which ensures the system is ready for operation.

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