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Wireless Network Implementation

Planning for a Successful Network

Any implementation will need to consider the unique characteristics of wireless - this may mean including additional preparation compared to a standard wired network.

- Requirements review: set expectations and make sure end user(s) requirements will be met. For example, how will equipment be used? Do you need to provide mobile class room sets or do you need to facilitate individual mobile workers accessing network resources from locations around the school? What applications do people want to use, will they work well over wireless? Do you already have wireless equipment?

- Site Survey: make sure that equipment is installed to ensure maximum possible performance.

- Plan: make certain than your implementation is right first time. What are the unique requirements of your school and your users? How large is the implementation going to be - what are the implications? What is your measure of success?

- Pilot Scheme: test your plan with a small number of users. Do the applications work as you predicted? Is extra training needed? Do you need to agree an acceptable use policy for students and staff taking equipment home? What is the scale of your implementation, what are the implications?

- Incremental rollout: solve problems while they are small. As with any other network change, customers who have experienced significant issues with wireless, have generally adopted a 'big bang' approach. By introducing change in small steps, you can resolve any unexpected issues whilst they only affect a small number of users.

  • RF site surveys
  • Project planning and management
  • Prototype and pilot development of system solutions
  • Conformance and acceptance testing
  • Security analysis and implementation
  • Installation and testing of wireless networks
  • Training development and instruction
  • Operational support planning
  • Product testing
  • Request for proposal (RFP) development
  • Software development for mobile applications, systems, and interfaces
  • Experience in Symbian, Palm and Windows CE platforms

MUSINGWAY's Infrastructure Specialists and sales team will be able to help you plan your wireless network, please call our sales advice team.

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