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Offshore Services

MUSINGWAY offers the following services:

Establishing Offshore Offices - We will analyze your current needs and work with you to set up your own Offshore Development Office (ODO) - an offshore arm of your company. Basically, we help you extend your virtual team to form your offshore office using dedicated resources. We provide the infrastructure while you provide vision, management and oversight.

Offshore Staffing - BorderlessMind provides you the best talent by matching your needs through our Aggregate Talent methodology while utilizing the benefits of offshore outsourcing. Our proven talent aggregation methodology is designed to minimize turnaround time and maximize quality of talent. When you need talent to undertake project initiatives offshore, we can provide you a single specialist or an entire team in record time.

Offshore Project Management - Borderless Mind uses its expert knowledge of offshore development and deep project management experience to provide you with high quality offshore project management talent. We can supply our offshore project management knowledge to help you maximize your effectiveness with your offshore team.

Offshore Consulting Services - We offer consulting services to assist you with every phase of the outsourcing life cycle. Our services help you with your initial decision making, assist you in developing a concrete outsourcing services strategy and support you with the ongoing management and governance during the entire life cycle.

Whether you sign-up as our client or partner, we can expand horizons for your business and usher in new possibilities that you never thought of before.

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