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Security Architecture and Design Overview

The design phase offers the best, most cost effective opportunity to improve the security of a system. In the early phase of development, MUSINGWAY can assist in developing the application security architecture, requirements, and design.

MUSINGWAY can review or develop an application's security architecture and design, and identify the security requirements that an application should address in order to be secure. MUSINGWAY can work with the application developers throughout the design stage to work through security issues and approaches, and the inevitable conflicts that occur between security and functionality, cost, schedule, usability, and performance.


Our experts have been developing and reviewing application security architectures for Government and commercial customers for over thirteen years, and we have a deep understanding of the myriad issues and tradeoffs that are involved.

At the design stage, MUSINGWAY security consultants can:

  • Identify security requirements
  • Provide guidance on an application's security architecture and design
  • Document the current security architecture
  • Recommend appropriate security products
  • Review the security of any selected commercial software components

MUSINGWAY will ensure that sound security decisions have been made, all relevant security issues have been addressed, and that the best security solutions for your application were considered in the design.

Alternately, based on the skills and availability of the customer's design team, MUSINGWAY's security consultants can either develop the design, or work hand in hand with your development team to develop a design that meets your security needs.

MUSINGWAY can work with the application developers and system designers throughout the design stage to work through the security issues and approaches while minimizing the impact to the system's functionality, cost, performance, usability, and development schedule.

Getting Started

An application security design and architecture review ensures that the development and maintenance of your site starts off on the right foot. MUSINGWAY can assist you in getting started in the right direction in a timely and cost effective manner. Contact one of our application security specialists to discuss having a security design and architecture review done. We can help at any stage of a project, even just prior to delivery.

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