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Offshore QA Consulting

The quality of a product depends not on coding standards, software specifications, version control software or testing tools but on the hands of the people performing analysis, coding, testing and documentation.

Quality Assurance process is a complex of project and technical activities that performs verification that a product matches the project requirements and the company standards. In fact, System Testing is one of the most important phases in project execution at SolovatSoft and our QA engineers pay special attention to the quality of the product before release.

System Testing

This step is about checking an application against the requirements, specifications and company coding standards. System Testing is performed in various areas:

Check specification: check existing functionality vs. planned specification
Check schedule: Planned scheduling vs. real milestones
Check budget: planned resources and budget vs. time spent and invoices issued

The "price-time-functionality equation" is well known product development. Failing to match all three corners of this triangle can affect a project execution. Our PMs carefully discuss each requirement with our clients to make sure we arrive at the most desirable 'triangle' for each selected project.

Software Quality Control is one of the most important steps in product development. Our testing facility allows our QA engineers to test applications on various platforms (Unix, Windows, Mac, Palm, Pocket PC, Symbian, etc).

Our QA test applications under development through a number of tests:

Functional Testing is a broad category of testing. It includes a variety of testing methods such as "Does input and navigation control work as expected?", "Can the application do something useful as expected?", "What happens if we enter bondary/negative parameters?", What happens when an error condition occurs?". For regression testing, tests may be partially or fully automated (Winrunner, Silk, HTTPUnit, Perl or Shell scripting).

Usability Testing. In this phases of system testing our engineers test how easy the developed solutions allows its users navigate, perform data input and acces as well as checking consistency of workflows throughout an application. In this phase we also test that the application under testing is user friendly, easy to navigate, has no misleading functionalities or messages.

Stress Tests check how developed application behave under limited resource conditions. The goal is to push the upper functional limites of a program to ensure that it can function correctly and handle error conditions gracefully.

Coding Standards Review is typically based on development framework or corporate standards of our customers. The following non-functional tests may be performed based on agreements with the client:

Performance, Load and Stress Testing

Compatibility and SCALABILITY Testing - Verification of application behavior across different hardware and software configurations (operating systems, browsers, network connections) that have been defined in the software requiremetns document Database Performance Analysis - Monitoring of database activity, checking all queries and transactions between a Web application and database server; identifying where and why transactions may be performing slowly.

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