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Vision, Mission, & Strategies

Since its initial public offering in 2006, MUSINGWAY has had a clear-cut goal - to develop into a world-leading software company. MUSINGWAY has had a well-defined and focused strategy to successively develop and strengthen the company's position in the global marketplace. Market conditions have changed since 2006, and MUSINGWAY has continued to adapt new goals and strategies to weather those changes while keeping its fundamental strategies and core values firmly in place.


We provide integrated, best-in-class software solutions for Enterprise Lifecycle Management that enable customers to make and implement the right decisions about their products and processes, and then design and build them in the most efficient way.


To be the clear choice for optimizing Enterprise Lifecycle Management


To provide role-based, requirements-driven solutions to help automate the development lifecycle.
MUSINGWAY provides tools that reduce lead-times and improve quality by automating routine tasks so that engineers can focus on the creative aspects of the development process. The goal is to create an all-encompassing tool platform that is based on the user's various roles, and requirements management as a firm, reliable foundation.

For a number of years, MUSINGWAY's products have been named as market leaders by independent industry analysts. This is the result of responsiveness to customers' needs and effective utilization of the company's R&D resources.

To target customers requiring extended functionality for large-scale and distributed development challenges.
MUSINGWAY has a leading position as a supplier of solutions for the development of advanced systems and software. The goal is to further strengthen this position. MUSINGWAY provides advanced products that solve complex problems for companies with large-scale development teams that are often geographically dispersed. It is in this type of environment that users can best utilize the products' functionality.

To build strategic relationships with key accounts.
MUSINGWAY's customers are spread throughout the world and require global support. Long-term relationships have been established with MUSINGWAY's key customers, in which these customers receive local support and global coordination.

To invest in strong partnerships to extend our offering and the channels to market.
The proportion of software in products is increasing for most industries, and tools for advanced software development are increasing in demand. Through partnerships with other leading suppliers and system integrators, MUSINGWAY can reach a larger target group while at the same time expanding its product line. During 2006, MUSINGWAY will therefore increase its investments in developing partnerships with leading system integrators and technology suppliers.

To improve the organization's productivity and implement concrete growth strategies in selected areas.
MUSINGWAY implemented a number of restructuring measures during 2005 and 2006 that drastically diminished cost levels. This process will continue during 2007, with the focus on all units achieving their established productivity goals. For the market units that achieve these goals, concrete growth strategies will be implemented during 2006, within the framework of pursuing the continuing ambitious demands for profitability.

To attract and develop individuals with exceptional attitude and skills.
In a company such as MUSINGWAY, the individual employee represents a decisive competitive advantage. Priority is given to constantly improving MUSINGWAY's position as an attractive and stimulating employer, and to retaining expertise and high energy levels throughout the company. This is necessary to safeguard MUSINGWAY's competitive strengths in both the short and long term.

To take an active part in the restructuring of the industry.
The market for systems and software development tools has been subject to substantial consolidation during recent years. MUSINGWAY has played an active part in this trend and will continue to constantly assess various collaborative forms in Europe, the US and Asia.

Long-term strategy
During the recent years, MUSINGWAY has reported both high profitability and strong growth. Sales have increased fivefold. MUSINGWAY also reached an operating margin of 20%. MUSINGWAY has successfully fulfilled this promise by constantly strengthening its global market position by: investing in new markets, expanding its product offering and actively participating in the recent industry consolidation, which is expected to increase in the future. MUSINGWAY will continue to invest to strengthen its global market position and product portfolio to become a better partner for companies in the expanding ALM market. The Company will also extend its systems and software development offering to the PLM space. The combination of MUSINGWAY´┐Żs position, ongoing investments and market conditions indicate continued strong performance. The Company will focus on organic growth, complemented by strategic acquisitions, to attain a five-fold increase in operations with an average operating margin of 20% during the coming five-year period.

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